Jeremy Schultz: Straddling the Firewall

Two great weekly Twitter chats on social media and internal communications: #icchat and #behindthefirewall

Posted in Development by Jeremy Schultz on July 15, 2009

Two Twitter chats—a scheduled hour on Twitter using a specific hashtag usually moderated or kicked off with a question—have sprung up in recent weeks on social media and internal communication. If you have an interest and/or expertise on this topic, I think you can contribute and learn in both of these chats:

#icchat: Started by Susan Cellura (@susancellura), this chat runs every Wednesday at 12 noon CST/1 pm EST. The 7/8/09 chat, for instance, discussed the role of a communicator as an internal community manager. More info on this series on Susan’s blog. Susan also often recaps the discussion on her blog, such as last week’s post on communicators as community managers.

#behindthefirewall: Started by Arik Hanson (@arikhanson) and Rick Mahn (@rickmahn), this chat also covers social media inside the company and how it relates to communications. Behind the Firewall now occurs on Thursdays at 8 p.m. CST. I’m trying to confirm this change and will update this post when I find out. Details and history on Arik’s blog.

One caveat on #behindthefirewall: Twitter doesn’t like hashtags longer than 15 characters, but if you search on “behindthefirewall” without the #, it works fine.

One tool I’ve found useful for chats is Tweetgrid. Here’s a sample page that I’ve set up for myself.. I’ve had better luck with the Tweetgrid site versus Tweetdeck, which is my usual Twitter client of choice.

I hope to see you join the discussion!

UPDATE: #behindthefirewall is confirmed on Thursdays at 8 p.m. CST.